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Harwich, MA | Self Distributed

Canon Hill’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Is Strong, Straightforward Bluesy Punk

Canon Hill’s ‘Smoking Gun’ is strong, straightforward punk rock with bluesy tendencies... These guys do a good job of maintaining punk’s raw intensity while bringing a sense of compositional refinement to the genre. The vocals are a big part of this song’s success...Their rhythm section – especially the walking bass lines – really stand out on here.

- Rock The Pigeon

Harwich's Hard-Working Canon Hill Releases First Original Album

"...we had First Night coming up and we had to figure out our lineup, so we threw Gabe on bass, and Noah's playing guitar, he's singing his little ditties, I'm singing my little ditties, and Ben's slapping the skins.”… we played First Night, and then we thought hey, this is gonna work,” said Tichnor."

- Cape Cod Chronicle


Hailing from Massachusetts, Ben Hayden and Logan Tichnor founded Canon Hill in Ben's living room in 2013. They were 13 years old.  For the young Ben and Logan, both accomplished musicians, the goal was to write their own songs, creating a sound derived from the sounds of their music idols. Just one year into formation they were playing town festivals, and in 2016 they recorded their first demo EP, dubbed DARN IT. They were then 16 years old.  In 2017 they welcomed writer, guitarist and singer Noah Pelty to the band. With Noah aboard, they continued to play more high profile gigs, and hit the studio to record an EP titled NOSE DIVE, which they released in November, 2017. Gabe Duff then joined the band on bass, and since the EP, the band has brought their energized, raw sound, and ear candy hooks to, among others, the famed Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA and the TD Bank Summer Concert Series. Their debut album, MUGSHOT, written, recorded and produced by Logan, Noah, Ben, and Gabe, is a powerful introduction to a band that, according to a recent review, will find fans well beyond the Massachusetts border.

Canon Hill is currently in the studio recording their second album, set to be released April 2020.

Canon Hill is…

Logan Tichnor - Vocals/Lead Guitar

Noah Pelty - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Gabe Duff - Bass/Vocals

Ben Hayden - Drums

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